HelpWelcome to Moebooru!Moebooru is a search board organized by tags, dedicated exclusively to showcasing the cutest works made by creatives. While the majority of content is (and will likely be) digital art, we are open to any other artforms including animations, music, and 3d models. If you need specific help with anything, you can navigate by clicking on a specific category!AccountBy creating an account you affirm that you are 18 years or older. All accounts must have a verified email address. An account lets you view questionable posts, upload, favorite, comment, rate cuteness and edit posts and tags.

You can change your avatar by clicking on "Set Avatar" under any post page. Because only anime avatars are allowed, you can only use images from the site.

For greater account security, you can enable 2-factor authentication. This will prompt you for a time-sensitive 2fa token in addition to your password while logging in.

Some actions such as uploading a new post or aliasing a tag to another tag will be reviewed by the site staff.
SearchingThe tags on Moebooru use a dash ("-") as a delimeter, but you can also search with spaces because the search can guess what tags you are searching for. If you encounter a problem with this, use dashed versions of the tags. These are examples of valid searches:
Tag 1 Tag 2 Tag 3
Tag-1 Tag-2 Tag-3
Special tag modifiers:
-Tag 1 -Tag 2 - Exclude posts containing Tag 1 and Tag 2.
+Tag 1 +Tag 2 - Include posts containing either Tag 1 or Tag 2.
These are some various tags with special uses.
original - the drawing is original, ie. not fanart.
self post - the post was uploaded by its original creator.
unknown artist - the artist is not known.
unknown character - the character is unknown and might not be original.
unknown series - the series is unknown.
no character - no character or not applicable.
no series - not part of any series or not applicable.
needs tags - current post tags are insufficient.
text - the post contains text.
transparent - the post has transparency.
no audio - the post is a video with no audio.
with audio - the post is a video that has audio.
Image SearchingEvery image uploaded to Moebooru is hashed with a perceptual hash algorithm, which means that images that look the same should yield similar hashes. This is different from binary hashes which only hash the binary data of the image, so for example if you were to resize the same image it would yield totally different hashes with a binary hashing algorithm.

When you do an image search your upload is perceptually hashed and we try to find a matching hash in our database. Usually this is very accurate at finding duplicate images. If you upload a video, song, or model, we use a binary hash instead, so only perfect matches to these works will be able to be found.
Image Filters
You can apply custom filters to image, such as brightness, contrast, hue, and sharpen. Most images will look a little better with some additional brightness/contrast. Some filters like blur and pixelate will completely destroy most images, and they are purely for fun.GIF Player
Moebooru has a custom GIF player, which allows additionally functionality which is normally not possible with gifs such as seeking, pausing, playback in reverse, and modification of the playback speed.Video Player
The video player allows some additional functionality such as modification of playback speed, reverse playback, and toggleable pitch preservement (ie, if a video is sped up, then this controls if the audio pitch will also get pitched up).

The reverse playback only works in Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, Edge) and will not work in Safari or Firefox because they don't yet support the API. Also, full-screening videos will not work in iOS Safari.
3D Model Player
The 3d model player supports 3d models and animations. There are additional controls for toggling wireframe, matcap, editing shapekeys and lighting. Due to limitations animations are not supported in wireframe mode.Music Player
The music player supports most of the controls seen on the video player. Reverse audio playback should not have any browser limitations.FavoritesIf you like an image, you can add it to your favorites for easier access later on. By default, your favorites are public but they can be made private in your account settings.Cuteness Meter
The rating system on Moebooru is called the cuteness meter. When you rate an image you are not rating the quality, instead you are rating the amount of cuteness that the image evokes. The scale is from 0 (Not cute) to 500 (Pretty cute) to 1000 (Insanely cute).UploadingMoebooru is a lot stricter with posts than most other image boards. We allow images, gifs, videos, comics, music, and models.

Please read carefully through all of the uploading guidelines.
⇾ Must be drawn or modeled in the anime art style. No photographs or art drawn/modeled in other styles.
⇾ (Music only) The song should include elements that make it sound kawaii, including samples from anime is a good example.
⇾ The main subject should be a girl. Boys are allowed only as supporting characters. And art with other subjects (animals, food, backgrounds, etc). is not allowed.
⇾ It should be cute. If it doesn't evoke some feelings of cuteness, it won't get accepted.
⇾ No duplicates are allowed. Variations of the same image should be added to the original post.
⇾ Sketches and unfinished art might be allowed only if they are very good.
⇾ Color palette should be pleasant to look at, ie. there are no oversaturated colors that clash too much.
⇾ The drawing should look clean overall and shouldn't look messy or have obvious mistakes.
⇾ The perspective, proportions, and anatomy shouldn't look weird.
⇾ Animations should play faster than 2fps (shouldn't look stuttery).
⇾ Source information is required for all posts.
⇾ All tags should be romanized. Titles and commentary don't have to be romanized.
⇾ No hentai. We allow light nudity but don't allow any sexual acts.
⇾ No AI generated works. I only want art with real human love and passion behind it, and most of these are plagiarized from stolen works.
⇾ No paid rewards. This is not a piracy site, please support artists for their hard work.
VariationsAll variations of the same image are combined into a single post. You can add a variation to an existing post by editing it. All variations of an image should be created by the original artist, otherwise it is considered a third party edit instead. If an image has significantly different tags to the main post, then it is probably best to make that image it's own post instead of a variation.Third Party EditsThird party edits are modifications to a work not done by the original artist. For example, a manga with all text translated to English, or animation of an image not done by the original artist. Third party edits behave like their own separate post, but each third party edit is added to the original post in a separate section and it doesn't appear directly in search.TaggingYou don’t have to be exceedingly thorough but some effort placed on tags is required, these are some guidelines on what features to tag:
⇾ Clothing (school-uniform, sailor-uniform, coat, skirt, leggings, etc).
⇾ Hair Color (blonde-hair, red-hair, blue-hair, etc).
⇾ Hair Length (short-hair, medium-hair, long-hair, etc).
⇾ Hair Styles (twintails, ponytail, braid, etc).
⇾ Special Accessories (hat, ribbon, bracelet, etc).
⇾ Expressions (smiling, crying, surprised, etc).
⇾ Actions (sleeping, running, eating, etc).
⇾ Body Parts (small-breasts, long-legs, etc).
⇾ Objects (coffee, umbrella, flower, etc).
⇾ Environment (daytime, nighttime, sunrise, sunset, snow, rain, fog, etc).
⇾ Software (live2d, blender, etc).
AliasesA tag can have multiple aliases that yield the same result. This is to facilitate better searching for synonyms like "has audio" and "with audio". Unlike tags, aliases can include non-ASCII characters so it is possible to add an alias in Japanese in order to enable Japanese searching. You can also alias an existing tag to another tag, but this is an action that needs to be approved by the site staff.CommentingComments are for sharing your thoughts of the work. These are the rules for the comment section:
⇾ No spam, jibberish, or otherwise off-topic comments.
⇾ No fights with each other.
⇾ No distasteful comments.
Quotes are supported and we have a syntax that makes it easy to do quotes.
>>> User said:
> Comment
Nested quotes are not supported. If you see a comment that is breaking the rules, please report it.
BansIf you break the rules severely or consistently, you might get banned. If you get banned, you are not allowed to register another account. Depending on the severity, we might delete all of your comments and edit history.AI ProtectionAll images are sent encrypted and they are decrypted in the browser. This prevents direct image downloads without first decrypting the binary data.

Accessing the tags of a specific post is protected information, you will need to solve a captcha after viewing the tags of 50 posts. There is no way to bypass the captcha, but you can choose to not solve it and you will be able to browse posts without seeing their tags.

These are by no means perfect solutions, but I hope that by making our website difficult to scrape it would deter scrapers to go somewhere else. If you have any other ideas on how to protect our website against scrapers, feel free to contact us.
Deleting Your AccountBecause Moebooru is a site that is focused on community contributions, when you delete your account we will not remove any of your public contributions like submitted posts. Your uploads will remain but the account that uploaded them will show up as "deleted". All the rest of your account data and comments will be deleted. If someone quoted you in the comments section, some of your comments might still remain.